Bluesy debut release from 2004 with special guests Gary Clark Jr, Charlie Sexton, Jennifer Monsees, Matt Farrell & Johnny Reno.  Band members at the time also included Speedy Sparks & Grady Pinkerton. 
1. Surprise, Surprise
2. Ooh Wee Sugar
3. Needles and Pins
4. I Had A Dream
5. Rock In My Shoe
6. Never Let You Go
7. From Now On
8. Lonely, Lonely Nights
9. Thing For You
10. Lickin' Stick
11.Don't Ever Say Goodbye
12.Stupid Girl
13.Everything's Gonna Be Alright
14.Deed And Deed I Do
The band's second release (2008) features Homer Henderson & Donna Pearl
1. (I Could) Blow Your Mind
2. Got My Head Spinnin'
3. Key To My Door
4. I Don't Want
5. Honey I Need
6. Starvation
7. You Better Move On
8. Whatever You Do
9. Night Of The Phantom
10. Don't Take My Baby
11. I'll Come Runnin'
12. Go For A Drive
13. I'll Come To You
14. All I Want
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From Blues to Garage and everything in between, this 2015 release also features guest appearances by  Denny Freeman, Glen Clark, Nate Basinger & Lewis Cowdrey
1. One Glass
2. Follow The Thread
3. You Know She Did
4. Mr. Devil Pt. 1
5. Footnote
6. Fool
7. Don't Turn Your Back On Me
8. Rock, Paper, Scissors
9. Easy To Be Sorry
10. I Received A Letter
11. I'm Leaving
12. Mr. Devil Pt. 2
Eve Monsees and the Exiles
Blow Your Mind
You Know She Did