Speedy Sparks
  Known around the world for both his bass playing and affable personality, Speedy Sparks holds down the bottom end of the Exiles on the debut record.
  Born and raised in Houston, Tx. Sparks moved to Austin in the early 70s and quickly fell into the roots music scene hanging out with bands like Freda and the Firedogs and the Cobras.
  Among other gigs, Sparks found himself joining up with the great Doug Sahm whom he would go on to play with until Sahm's passing in the 90s.
  Sparks and drummer Mike Buck have found themselves paired up over the years in various bands and the studio.
  Sparks had a brief run with the Le Roi Brothers before heading back out on the road with Sir Doug and appears on the Le Roi's New Rose recordings.  Mike and Speedy also formed the Mystic Knights of the Sea together with Charlie and Will Sexton.
  Sparks can still be seen playing gigs with the Texas Mavericks, the Nortons and others.
(Above) Speedy on stage.  (Below) The great Doug Sahm.